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In May 2020, together with the I.V. Michurin Federal Research Center, a new, unique research laboratory for high-precision storage of fruits, berries, grapes and vegetables was created.

This research laboratory consists of 16 (hereinafter 28) sealed storage chambers, with a volume of 1 m3 each, equipped with special refrigeration equipment, equipment for creating modes of controlled gas environment and dynamic controlled atmosphere, high-precision sensors for monitoring and regulating the parameters of temperature, relative humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene levels, chlorophyll fluorescence sensors, as well as an automatic control and data recording system.

The potential of the laboratory is huge. Employees of the I.V. Michurin Federal Research Center together with PLAWI-Service OOO are engaged in solving important tasks facing enterprises for long-term storage of fruit and vegetable products, namely, the development of high-precision storage parameters for each variety, taking into account the genotype, possible diseases, both physiological and fungal origin, improvement of DCA technology.
The experimental results in the future can be used for application in the storage facilities already implemented by PLAWI-Service OOO.

Exhibitor: PLAWI-Service ООО


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