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Ambros Schmelzer & Sohn GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1913 and is part of the market leading producer of ventilation system, pipe- and storage systems. The company is already in fourth generation of the Schmelzer family with its headquarters in north Bavarian Waldershof, about 120 km north-eastern of Nuremberg. Schmelzer deliveres agricultural components in more than 20 countries and is market- and innovation leader in storage ventilation system.
Since 1992, the company has established its first foreign production site in Chodova Plana (Czech Republic). The company engages actual about 200 employees in Germany and abroad. Along with Romania, Slovenia, Latvia and Ukraine there is also a representative office in Voronezh, Russland.

Products and services


  • pipes, segments, moulded parts, valves (2-way, 3-way), grain brake, connectors, helix pipes

ventilation Systems:

  • grain Ventilation spear "Air-Whisper", "Air-Whisper Max", grain Lance "Air-Lance" 
  • "Air-Pillar"
  • telescope ventilation pipe
  • half rounded channels
  • ventilators "Air-Jet LC" and "Air-Jet ASAJg"
  • dam wall silo, module wall silo, doors, hopper foundation 60°
grain lance

grain lance

- can suck and blow to give optimal results
- for simple and fast Ventilation of grain and rapeseed
- specific application, i.e. for heat pockets
- by volution at the pipe it is easy to turn in grain storage
- 1,5mm perforation - suitable also for rapeseed
- simple transport caused by a removable fan

telescope ventilation pipe

telescope ventilation pipe

- including cable for retracting
- also suitable for rapeseed
- easy to lay out the telescopic pipe on the floor
- far connection d=300
- air outlet area across the entire length 22%
- easy to retract the pipe, partially or completely due to the internal steel rope
- can be used in grain deepth of up to 5 m
- modular System allow extensions to be fitted at any time
- from l=22m also available with a d=400 connection

half round channels

half round channels

Half round channels and accessories for a fast and gentle Ventilation of grain, potatoes and onions.
- available in different sizes
- galvanised design
- available in different types
- sturdy construction
- easy use
- flexible solution


Ambros Schmelzer
Dr.-Zimmer-Str. 28
95679 Waldershof

Phone: +49 9231 979298
Fax: +49 9231 72697

Andrei Skadorva
Projektleitung GUS
Phone: +49 173 2979298

OOO „Schmelzer Rus“
Ul. Kolzovskaya 46a
394040 Woronesch

Phone: +7 473 2008847
Fax: +7 473 2008847

Schmelzer GmbH
Krilowa 23/32
54000 Nikolaev

Phone: +380 50 3915818

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